E-Learning in Public Authorities and Administrations

Professionalise training and further education

Modern authorities use the possibilities of contemporary learning management methods. If new processes or a new software is introduced within an administration department, the employees have to be trained.

Experienced E-Learning partners

That is where we offer the perfect service. Our vast experience in consulting, conception, development, hosting, support, and training of the learning management system (LMS) ILIAS is based on the constructive cooperation with authorities and administrations at cantonal and federal level, as well as institutions and organizations in Switzerland or abroad. studer + raimann ag supports you effectively in personnel training as well as the management of your employees' qualifications. Our LMS meets SME-specific needs as well as the requirements of global corporations with complex organizational structures.

Advantages for training managers

The economic benefits of E-Learning

Oversee and control all learning activities, easily and at any time.

To plan, organize, overview, control, and evaluate different training and development programs in a company often proves to be an organisational challenge for HR and management, and cuts their time fine.

  • Plan and organize training and further education: Different E-Learning offers for different target groups. It is you who designs the training plan with your staff.
  • Oversee training and further education activities: The dashboard shows the current training status of your learners at any time. Upcoming certifications or re-certifications won't be forgotten.
  • Control and manage education and training: Whether pure E-Learning or Blended Learning (E-Learning and face-to-face lessons) - with the course management you easily control is a certain target group may or may not book a specific course.
  • Evaluate and communicate education and training: Reports make learning results measurable and apt to be used statistically. Proofing and communicating the learning results and certifications is simplified by the learning management system: reports show courses per user, user per course, user per test, etc.

More reasons for E-Learning

  • Less absences of employees
  • More exchange among the course participants
  • Easy updating of content

ILIAS Learning Management System: Contribute to the success of the institution or department as well as its stakeholders (be it the public, employees, or partners).

Advantages for learners

The personal benefits of E-Learning

Learn when and where it best suits you.

Integrating vocational training into professional and private life often proves to be a challenge for learners.

  • Learning, whenever you have time: E-Learning content is always available. You can learn whenever you have time, be it at work or at home.
  • Learning, always and everywhere: On your learning platform, the courses are accessible regardless of time and location; on notebook, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Learning, as much as you want: Whether longer learning sessions or short learning units; with E-Learning it is you who individually determines the workload.
  • Save time, travel costs, course books: Reduce your travel or waiting time, or use it more effectively: E-Learning is resource-conserving and practical.

Further reasons for E-Learning

  • Cooperating in teams thanks to digital storage system
  • Communicate with other participants via message system
  • Optimal learning outcome and test results thanks to integrated training and testing system

Learning platform ILIAS: Online to your personal success

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